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Windows 10 DLL File Information

Welcome to DLL information site for Windows 10.
This site was built by scanning all DLL files located in system32 directory of Windows 10 and creating (with automatic script) a Web page for each DLL with all found information.

Each DLL information page includes:

Looking in the Web page of specific DLL can help to learn what is this DLL and how it's linked with the other DLL files on Windows 10 operating system.

In order to browse into the right DLL page, select the first letter of the DLL file, and then you'll get a list of all dll files begins with this letter:

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Here's the list of all DLL files begin with 'W':

Filename Description
WABSyncProvider.dll Microsoft Windows Contacts Sync Provider  
WFSR.dll Windows Fax and Scan Resources  
WLanConn.dll Dot11 Connection Flows  
WLanHC.dll Wireless LAN Helper Classes  
WMADMOD.DLL Windows Media Audio Decoder  
WMADMOE.DLL Windows Media Audio 10 Encoder/Transcoder  
WMASF.DLL Windows Media ASF DLL  
WMNetMgr.dll Windows Media Network Plugin Manager DLL  
WMPhoto.dll Windows Media Photo Codec  
WMSPDMOD.DLL Windows Media Audio Voice Decoder  
WMSPDMOE.DLL Windows Media Audio Voice Encoder  
WMVCORE.DLL Windows Media Playback/Authoring DLL  
WMVDECOD.DLL Windows Media Video Decoder  
WMVENCOD.DLL Windows Media Video 9 Encoder  
WMVSDECD.DLL Windows Media Screen Decoder  
WMVSENCD.DLL Windows Media Screen Encoder  
WMVXENCD.DLL Windows Media Video Encoder  
WPDShServiceObj.dll Windows Portable Device Shell Service Object  
WPDSp.dll WMDM Service Provider for Windows Portable Devices  
WPTaskScheduler.dll WP Task Scheduler DLL  
WSClient.dll Windows Store Licensing Client  
WSDApi.dll Web Services for Devices API DLL  
WSDMon.dll WSD Printer Port Monitor  
WSDPrintProxy.DLL Function Discovery Printer Proxy Dll  
WSDScanProxy.dll Function Discovery WSD Scanner Proxy Dll  
WSHTCPIP.DLL Winsock2 Helper DLL (TL/IPv4)  
WSManMigrationPlugin.dll WinRM Migration Plugin  
WSService.dll Windows Store Service  
WSShared.dll WSShared DLL  
WSSync.dll Windows Store Licensing Sync Client  
WUDFCoinstaller.dll Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Platform Device Co-Installer  
WUDFPlatform.dll Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Platform Library  
WUDFSvc.dll Windows Driver Foundation - User-mode Driver Framework Service  
WUDFx.dll WDF:UMDF Framework Library  
WUDFx02000.dll WDF:UMDF Framework Library  
WWanAPI.dll Mbnapi  
WWanHC.dll Wireless WAN Helper Class  
WalletBackgroundServiceProxy.dll Wallet Background Proxy  
WalletProxy.dll Wallet proxy  
WalletService.dll Wallet Service  
WcnApi.dll Windows Connect Now - API Helper DLL  
WcnEapAuthProxy.dll Windows Connect Now - WCN EAP Authenticator Proxy  
WcnEapPeerProxy.dll Windows Connect Now - WCN EAP PEER Proxy  
WcnNetsh.dll WCN Netsh Helper DLL  
WcsPlugInService.dll WcsPlugInService DLL  
WebClnt.dll Web DAV Service DLL  
Websocket.dll Web Socket API  
WfHC.dll Windows Firewall Helper Class  
WiFiConfigSP.dll Wi-Fi ConfigSP Library  
WiFiDisplay.dll Wi-Fi Display DLL  
WinBioDataModel.dll Win Bio Enrollment Data Model  
WinFax.dll Microsoft Fax API Support DLL  
WinMsoIrmProtector.dll Windows Office file format IRM Protector  
WinOpcIrmProtector.dll Windows Office file format IRM Protector  
WinRtTracing.dll Windows Diagnostics Tracing  
WinSATAPI.dll Windows System Assessment Tool API  
WinSCard.dll Microsoft Smart Card API  
WinSetupUI.dll Windows Setup UI  
WinSync.dll Synchronization Framework  
WinSyncMetastore.dll Windows Synchronization Metadata Store  
WinSyncProviders.dll Windows Synchronization Provider Framework  
WinTypes.dll Windows Base Types DLL  
Windows.AccountsControl.dll Windows Accounts Control  
Windows.ApplicationModel.Background.SystemEventsBroker.dll Windows Background System Events Broker API Server  
Windows.ApplicationModel.Background.TimeBroker.dll Windows Background Time Broker API Server  
Windows.ApplicationModel.Core.dll Windows Application Model Core API  
Windows.ApplicationModel.LockScreen.dll Windows Lock Application Framework DLL  
Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.TestingFramework.dll Windows Store Testing Framework Runtime DLL  
Windows.ApplicationModel.Store.dll Windows Store Runtime DLL  
Windows.ApplicationModel.Wallet.dll Windows ApplicationModel Wallet Runtime DLL  
Windows.ApplicationModel.dll Windows ApplicationModel API Server  
Windows.CloudDomainJoinAUG.ProxyStub.dll Windows.CloudDomainJoinAUG.ProxyStub  
Windows.Cortana.PAL.Desktop.dll Windows.Cortana.PAL.Desktop  
Windows.Cortana.ProxyStub.dll Windows.Cortana.ProxyStub  
Windows.Cortana.dll Windows.Cortana  
Windows.Data.Pdf.dll PDF WinRT APIs  
Windows.Devices.AllJoyn.dll Windows.Devices.AllJoyn DLL  
Windows.Devices.Background.dll Windows.Devices.Background Windows.Devices.Background Interface Proxy  
Windows.Devices.Bluetooth.dll Windows.Devices.Bluetooth DLL  
Windows.Devices.Custom.dll Windows.Devices.Custom Windows.Devices.Custom Interface Proxy  
Windows.Devices.Enumeration.dll Windows.Devices.Enumeration  
Windows.Devices.HumanInterfaceDevice.dll Windows.Devices.HumanInterfaceDevice DLL  
Windows.Devices.Lights.dll Windows Runtime Lights DLL  
Windows.Devices.LowLevel.dll Windows.Devices.LowLevel DLL  
Windows.Devices.Midi.dll Windows Runtime MIDI Device server DLL  
Windows.Devices.Picker.dll Device Picker  
Windows.Devices.PointOfService.dll Windows Runtime PointOfService DLL  
Windows.Devices.Portable.dll Windows Runtime Portable Devices DLL  
Windows.Devices.Printers.Extensions.dll Windows.Devices.Printers.Extensions  
Windows.Devices.Printers.dll Windows Runtime Devices Printers DLL  
Windows.Devices.Radios.dll Windows.Devices.Radios DLL  
Windows.Devices.Scanners.dll Windows Runtime Devices Scanners DLL  
Windows.Devices.Sensors.dll Windows Runtime Sensors DLL  
Windows.Devices.SerialCommunication.dll Windows.Devices.SerialCommunication DLL  
Windows.Devices.SmartCards.dll Windows Runtime Smart Card API DLL  
Windows.Devices.Usb.dll Windows Runtime Usb DLL  
Windows.Devices.WiFi.dll Windows.Devices.WiFi DLL  
Windows.Devices.WiFiDirect.dll Windows.Devices.WiFiDirect DLL  
Windows.Energy.dll Windows Energy Runtime DLL  
Windows.Gaming.Input.dll Windows Gaming Input API  
Windows.Gaming.Preview.dll Windows Gaming API Preview  
Windows.Gaming.XboxLive.Storage.dll Xbox Connected Storage WinRT implementation  
Windows.Globalization.Fontgroups.dll Fonts Mapping API  
Windows.Globalization.dll Windows Globalization  
Windows.Graphics.Printing.3D.dll Microsoft Windows Printing Support  
Windows.Graphics.Printing.dll Microsoft Windows Printing Support  
Windows.Graphics.dll WinRT Windows Graphics DLL  
Windows.Internal.Bluetooth.dll Windows.Internal.Bluetooth DLL  
Windows.Internal.Management.dll Windows Managent Service DLL  
Windows.Internal.Shell.Broker.dll Windows Shell Broker  
Windows.Internal.UI.BioEnrollment.ProxyStub.dll Bio Enrollment Model Proxy Stub  
Windows.Internal.UI.Logon.ProxyStub.dll Logon User Experience Proxy Stub  
Windows.Management.Lockdown.dll Windows Runtime Lockdown Management DLL  
Windows.Management.Provisioning.ProxyStub.dll Windows Management Provisioning Proxy Stub  
Windows.Management.Workplace.WorkplaceSettings.dll Windows Runtime WorkplaceSettings DLL  
Windows.Media.Audio.dll Windows Runtime Window Media Audio server DLL  
Windows.Media.BackgroundMediaPlayback.dll Windows Media BackgroundMediaPlayback DLL  
Windows.Media.Devices.dll Windows Runtime media device server DLL  
Windows.Media.Editing.dll Windows Media Editing DLL  
Windows.Media.FaceAnalysis.dll Microsoft (R) Face Detection DLL  
Windows.Media.MediaControl.dll Windows Runtime MediaControl server DLL  
Windows.Media.Ocr.dll Windows OCR Runtime DLL  
Windows.Media.Photo.Import.dll Windows Photo Import API (WinRT/COM)  
Windows.Media.Playback.BackgroundMediaPlayer.dll Windows Media Playback BackgroundMediaPlayer DLL  
Windows.Media.Playback.MediaPlayer.dll Windows Media Playback MediaPlayer DLL  
Windows.Media.Playback.ProxyStub.dll BackgroundMediaPlayer Proxy Stub DLL  
Windows.Media.Protection.PlayReady.dll Microsoft PlayReady Client Framework Dll  
Windows.Media.Renewal.dll Windows Media Renewal DLL  
Windows.Media.Speech.UXRes.dll Windows Media Speech UX Resources DLL  
Windows.Media.Speech.dll Windows Speech Runtime DLL  
Windows.Media.Streaming.dll DLNA DLL DLNA Proxy-Stub DLL  
Windows.Media.dll Windows Media Runtime DLL  
Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer.BackgroundManagerPolicy.dll Background Transfer Background Manager Policy DLL  
Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer.ContentPrefetchTask.dll Windows Networking Background Transfer Content Prefetch task DLL  
Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer.dll Windows.Networking.BackgroundTransfer DLL  
Windows.Networking.Connectivity.dll Windows Networking Connectivity Runtime DLL  
Windows.Networking.HostName.dll Windows.Networking.HostName DLL  
Windows.Networking.NetworkOperators.HotspotAuthentication.dll Microsoft Windows Hotspot Authentication API  
Windows.Networking.Proximity.dll Windows Runtime Proximity API DLL  
Windows.Networking.ServiceDiscovery.Dnssd.dll Windows.Networking.ServiceDiscovery.Dnssd DLL  
Windows.Networking.Sockets.PushEnabledApplication.dll Windows.Networking.Sockets.PushEnabledApplication DLL  
Windows.Networking.UX.EapRequestHandler.dll Windows Networking UX EAP Request Handler DLL  
Windows.Networking.UX.ProxyStub.dll Network UX Manager Proxy/Stub  
Windows.Networking.Vpn.dll Windows.Networking.Vpn DLL  
Windows.Networking.dll Windows.Networking DLL  
Windows.Security.Authentication.OnlineId.dll Windows Runtime OnlineId Authentication DLL  
Windows.Security.Authentication.Web.Core.dll Token Broker WinRT API  
Windows.Security.Credentials.UI.CredentialPicker.dll WinRT Credential Picker Server  
Windows.Security.Credentials.UI.UserConsentVerifier.dll Windows User Consent Verifier API  
Windows.Shell.Search.UriHandler.dll Windows Search URI Handler  
Windows.Shell.ServiceHostBuilder.dll Windows.Shell.ServiceHostBuilder  
Windows.Speech.Pal.dll Speech Platform Adaptation Layer DLL  
Windows.StateRepository.dll Windows StateRepository API Server  
Windows.Storage.ApplicationData.dll Windows Application Data API Server  
Windows.Storage.Compression.dll WinRT Compression  
Windows.Storage.Search.dll Windows.Storage.Search  
Windows.System.Diagnostics.dll Windows System Diagnostics DLL  
Windows.System.Launcher.dll Windows.System.Launcher  
Windows.System.Profile.HardwareId.dll Windows System Profile HardwareId DLL  
Windows.System.Profile.RetailInfo.dll Windows.System.Profile.RetailInfo Runtime DLL  
Windows.System.Profile.SystemManufacturers.dll Windows.System.Profile.SystemManufacturers  
Windows.System.RemoteDesktop.dll Windows System RemoteDesktop Runtime DLL  
Windows.System.SystemManagement.dll Windows Runtime SystemManagement DLL  
Windows.UI.BioFeedback.dll Bio Feedback User Experience  
Windows.UI.BlockedShutdown.dll Blocked Shutdown User Experience  
Windows.UI.Core.TextInput.dll Windows.UI.Core.TextInput dll  
Windows.UI.Cred.dll Credential Prompt User Experience  
Windows.UI.Immersive.dll WINDOWS.UI.IMMERSIVE  
Windows.UI.Input.Inking.dll WinRT Windows Inking DLL  
Windows.UI.Logon.dll Logon User Experience  
Windows.UI.PicturePassword.dll Picture Password UX  
Windows.UI.Search.dll Windows.UI.Search  
Windows.UI.Shell.dll Shell UI  
Windows.UI.Xaml.Maps.dll Windows UI XAML Maps API  
Windows.UI.Xaml.Phone.dll Windows UI XAML Phone API  
Windows.UI.Xaml.Resources.dll Windows.UI.Xaml.Resources dll  
Windows.UI.Xaml.dll Windows.UI.Xaml dll  
Windows.UI.dll Windows Runtime UI Foundation DLL  
Windows.Web.Diagnostics.dll Windows.Web.Diagnostics  
Windows.Web.Http.dll Windows.Web.Http DLL  
Windows.Web.dll Web Client DLL  
Windows.Xbox.Networking.ProxyStub.dll Windows.Xbox.Networking Proxy Stub Dll  
WindowsCodecs.dll Microsoft Windows Codecs Library  
WindowsCodecsExt.dll Microsoft Windows Codecs Extended Library  
WindowsCodecsRaw.dll Microsoft Camera Codec Pack  
Winlangdb.dll Windows Bcp47 Language Database  
WlS0WndH.dll Session0 Viewer Window Hook DLL  
WlanMM.dll Dot11 Media and AdHoc Managers  
WlanMediaManager.dll Windows WLAN Media Manager DLL  
WlanRadioManager.dll Wlan Radio Manager  
Wldap32.dll Win32 LDAP API DLL  
WmpDui.dll Windows Media Player UI Engine  
WofTasks.dll WIM Boot Tasks  
WofUtil.dll Windows Overlay File System Filter user mode API  
WorkFoldersGPExt.dll Microsoft (C) Work Folders Group Policy Client Extension  
WorkFoldersRes.dll Work Folders Resources  
WorkFoldersShell.dll Microsoft (C) Work Folders Shell Extension  
WorkfoldersControl.dll Microsoft (C) Work Folders Control Panel  
WpPortingLibrary.dll DLL  
Wpc.dll WPC Settings Library  
WpcWebSync.dll Family Safety Web Synchronization Library  
WsmAgent.dll WinRM Agent  
WsmAuto.dll WSMAN Automation  
WsmRes.dll WSMan Resource DLL  
WsmSvc.dll WSMan Service  
WsmWmiPl.dll WSMAN WMI Provider  
WudfSMCClassExt.dll Smart Card Class Extension  
WwaApi.dll Microsoft Web Application Host API library  
WwaExt.dll Microsoft Web Application Host Extension library  
WwanRadioManager.dll Wwan Radio Manager  
Wwanpref.dll Wireless WAN Profile Settings Editor  
w32time.dll Windows Time Service  
w32topl.dll Windows NT Topology Maintenance Tool  
wavemsp.dll Microsoft Wave MSP  
wbemcomn.dll WMI  
wbiosrvc.dll Windows Biometric Service  
wcmapi.dll Windows Connection Manager Client API  
wcmcsp.dll Windows Connection Service Provider DLL  
wcmsvc.dll Windows Connection Manager Service DLL  
wcncsvc.dll Windows Connect Now - Config Registrar Service  
wcnwiz.dll Windows Connect Now Wizards  
wdc.dll Performance Monitor  
wdi.dll Windows Diagnostic Infrastructure  
wdigest.dll Microsoft Digest Access  
wdscore.dll Panther Engine Module  
webcheck.dll Web Site Monitor  
webio.dll Web Transfer Protocols API  
webservices.dll Windows Web Services Runtime  
wecapi.dll Event Collector Configuration API  
wecsvc.dll Event Collector Service  
wephostsvc.dll WEP Host Service  
wer.dll Windows Error Reporting DLL  
werconcpl.dll PRS CPL  
wercplsupport.dll Problem Reports and Solutions  
werdiagcontroller.dll WER Diagnostic Controller  
wersvc.dll Windows Error Reporting Service  
werui.dll Windows Error Reporting UI DLL  
wevtapi.dll Eventing Consumption and Configuration API  
wevtfwd.dll WS-Management Event Forwarding Plug-in  
wevtsvc.dll Event Logging Service  
wfapigp.dll Windows Firewall GPO Helper dll  
wfdprov.dll Private WPS provisioning API DLL for Wi-Fi Direct  
whealogr.dll WHEA Troubleshooter  
whhelper.dll Net shell helper DLL for winHttp  
wiaaut.dll WIA Automation Layer  
wiadefui.dll WIA Scanner Default UI  
wiadss.dll WIA TWAIN compatibility layer  
wiarpc.dll Windows Image Acquisition RPC client DLL  
wiascanprofiles.dll Microsoft Windows ScanProfiles  
wiaservc.dll Still Image Devices Service  
wiashext.dll Imaging Devices Shell Folder UI  
wiatrace.dll WIA Tracing  
wificonnapi.dll Wi-Fi Conn API client dll  
wifinetworkmanager.dll Wi-Fi Network Manager Library  
wifiprofilessettinghandler.dll Wi-Fi Sync Handler  
wimgapi.dll Windows Imaging Library  
win32spl.dll Client Side Rendering Print Provider  
winbici.dll Windows Services Instrumentation Module  
winbio.dll Windows Biometrics Client API  
winbioext.dll Windows Biometrics Client Extension API  
winbrand.dll Windows Branding Resources  
wincorlib.dll Microsoft Windows ® WinRT core library  
wincredprovider.dll wincredprovider DLL  
windows.immersiveshell.serviceprovider.dll Windows.ImmersiveShell.ServiceProvider Microsoft WinRT Storage API  
windowslivelogin.dll Microsoft® Account Login Helper  
windowsperformancerecordercontrol.dll Microsoft Windows Performance Recorder Control Library  
winethc.dll WinInet Helper Class  
winhttp.dll Windows HTTP Services  
wininet.dll Internet Extensions for Win32  
wininitext.dll WinInit Utility Extension DLL  
winipcfile.dll Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services File API  
winipcsecproc.dll Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services Desktop Security Processor  
winipcsecproc_ssp.dll Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services Server Security Processor  
winipsec.dll Windows IPsec SPD Client DLL  
winjson.dll Json Http Library  
winlogonext.dll WinLogon Utility Extension DLL  
winmde.dll WinMDE DLL  
winmm.dll MCI API DLL  
winmmbase.dll Base Multimedia Extension API DLL  
winmsipc.dll Microsoft Active Directory Rights Management Services Client  
winnlsres.dll NLSBuild resource DLL  
winnsi.dll Network Store Information RPC interface  
winrnr.dll LDAP RnR Provider DLL  
winrscmd.dll remtsvc  
winrsmgr.dll WSMan Shell API  
winrssrv.dll winrssrv  
winshfhc.dll File Risk Estimation  
winsku.dll Windows SKU Library  
winsockhc.dll Winsock Network Diagnostic Helper Class  
winsrv.dll Multi-User Windows Server DLL  
winsta.dll Winstation Library  
wintrust.dll Microsoft Trust Verification APIs  
winusb.dll Windows USB Driver User Library  
wisp.dll Microsoft Pen and Touch Input Component  
witnesswmiv2provider.dll Witness Service WMIv2 Provider  
wkscli.dll Workstation Service Client DLL  
wkspbrokerAx.dll Microsoft Workspace Broker ActiveX Control  
wksprtPS.dll WorkspaceRuntime ProxyStub DLL  
wkssvc.dll Workstation Service DLL  
wlanapi.dll Windows WLAN AutoConfig Client Side API DLL  
wlancfg.dll Wlan Netsh Helper DLL  
wlandlg.dll Wireless Lan Dialog Wizards  
wlangpui.dll Wireless Network Policy Management Snap-in  
wlanhlp.dll Windows Wireless LAN 802.11 Client Side Helper API  
wlanmsm.dll Windows Wireless LAN 802.11 MSM DLL  
wlanpref.dll Wireless Preferred Networks  
wlansec.dll Windows Wireless LAN 802.11 MSM Security Module DLL  
wlansvc.dll Windows WLAN AutoConfig Service DLL  
wlansvcpal.dll Windows WLAN AutoConfig Service PAL DLL  
wlanui.dll Wireless Profile UI  
wlanutil.dll Windows Wireless LAN 802.11 Utility DLL  
wldp.dll Windows Lockdown Policy  
wlgpclnt.dll 802.11 Group Policy Client  
wlidcli.dll Microsoft® Account Dynamic Link Library  
wlidcredprov.dll Microsoft® Account Credential Provider  
wlidfdp.dll Microsoft® Account Function Discovery Provider  
wlidnsp.dll Microsoft® Account Namespace Provider  
wlidprov.dll Microsoft® Account Provider  
wlidres.dll Microsoft® Windows Live ID Resource  
wlidsvc.dll Microsoft® Account Service  
wmcodecdspps.dll Windows Media CodecDSP Proxy Stub Dll  
wmdmlog.dll Windows Media Device Manager Logger  
wmdmps.dll Windows Media Device Manager Proxy Stub  
wmdrmdev.dll Windows Media DRM for Network Devices Registration DLL  
wmdrmnet.dll Windows Media DRM for Network Devices DLL  
wmdrmsdk.dll Windows Media DRM SDK DLL  
wmerror.dll Windows Media Error Definitions (English)  
wmi.dll WMI DC and DP functionality  
wmiclnt.dll WMI Client API  
wmicmiplugin.dll WMI CMI Plugin  
wmidcom.dll WMI  
wmidx.dll Windows Media Indexer DLL  
wmiprop.dll WDM Provider Dynamic Property Page CoInstaller  
wmitomi.dll CIM Provider Adapter  
wmp.dll Windows Media Player  
wmpdxm.dll Windows Media Player Extension  
wmpeffects.dll Windows Media Player Effects  
wmploc.DLL Windows Media Player Resources  
wmpmde.dll WMPMDE DLL  
wmpps.dll Windows Media Player Proxy Stub Dll  
wmpshell.dll Windows Media Player Launcher  
wmsgapi.dll WinLogon IPC Client  
wmvdspa.dll Windows Media Video DSP Components - Advanced  
workerdd.dll Framebuffer Display Driver  
workfolderssvc.dll Microsoft (C) Work Folders Service  
wow32.dll 32-bit WOW Subsystem Library  
wpbcreds.dll WP 8.1 upgrade support utility  
wpccpl.dll Parental Controls Control Panel  
wpd_ci.dll Driver Setup Class Installer for Windows Portable Devices  
wpdbusenum.dll Portable Device Enumerator  
wpdshext.dll Portable Devices Shell Extension  
wpnapps.dll Windows Push Notification Apps  
wpncore.dll Windows Push Notification Core  
wpninprc.dll Windows Push Notification InProc  
wpnprv.dll Windows Push Notification Platform Connection Provider  
wpnservice.dll Windows Push Notifications Service  
wpnsruprov.dll SRUM provider for WPN  
wpx.dll Windows Provisioning XML  
ws2_32.dll Windows Socket 2.0 32-Bit DLL  
ws2help.dll Windows Socket 2.0 Helper for Windows NT  
wscapi.dll Windows Security Center API  
wscinterop.dll Windows Health Center WSC Interop  
wscisvif.dll Windows Security Center ISV API  
wscproxystub.dll Windows Security Center ISV Proxy Stub  
wscsvc.dll Windows Security Center Service  
wscui.cpl Security and Maintenance  
wsdchngr.dll WSD Challenge Component  
wsecedit.dll Security Configuration UI Module  
wsepno.dll Profile notification support for Windows Search Service  
wshbth.dll Windows Sockets Helper DLL  
wshcon.dll Microsoft ® Windows Script Controller  
wshelper.dll Winsock Net shell helper DLL for winsock  
wshext.dll Microsoft ® Shell Extension for Windows Script Host  
wshhyperv.dll Hyper-V Winsock2 Helper DLL  
wship6.dll Winsock2 Helper DLL (TL/IPv6)  
wshirda.dll Windows Sockets Helper DLL  
wshnetbs.dll Netbios Windows Sockets Helper DLL  
wshqos.dll QoS Winsock2 Helper DLL  
wshrm.dll Windows Sockets Helper DLL for PGM  
wsmplpxy.dll wsmplpxy  
wsnmp32.dll Microsoft WinSNMP v2.0 Manager API  
wsock32.dll Windows Socket 32-Bit DLL  
wsp_fs.dll Windows Storage Provider for FileShare management  
wsp_health.dll Windows Storage Provider for Health Agent API  
wsp_sr.dll Windows Storage Provider for Storage Replication management  
wsplib.dll WSP decode library  
wtsapi32.dll Windows Remote Desktop Session Host Server SDK APIs  
wuaext.dll Windows Update Wu exports  
wuapi.dll Windows Update Client API  
wuau.dll Windows Update AU  
wuaueng.dll Windows Update Agent  
wuautoappupdate.dll wuautoappupdate  
wudriver.dll Windows Update WUDriver Stub  
wups.dll Windows Update client proxy stub  
wups2.dll Windows Update client proxy stub 2  
wushareduxresources.dll Windows Update Shared UI Resources  
wuuhext.dll Windows Update Agent plugin for Windows  
wuwebv.dll Windows Update Vista Web Control  
wvc.dll Windows Visual Components  
wwancfg.dll MBN Netsh Helper DLL  
wwanconn.dll Wireless WAN Connection Flows  
wwanmm.dll WWan Media Manager  
wwanprotdim.dll WWAN Device Interface Module  
wwansvc.dll WWAN Auto Config Service  
wwapi.dll WWAN API