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Windows 10 DLL File Information

Welcome to DLL information site for Windows 10.
This site was built by scanning all DLL files located in system32 directory of Windows 10 and creating (with automatic script) a Web page for each DLL with all found information.

Each DLL information page includes:

Looking in the Web page of specific DLL can help to learn what is this DLL and how it's linked with the other DLL files on Windows 10 operating system.

In order to browse into the right DLL page, select the first letter of the DLL file, and then you'll get a list of all dll files begins with this letter:

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Here's the list of all DLL files begin with 'P':

Filename Description
P2P.dll Peer-to-Peer Grouping  
P2PGraph.dll Peer-to-Peer Graphing  
PCPKsp.dll Microsoft Platform Key Storage Provider for Platform Crypto Provider  
PCPTpm12.dll Microsoft Platform Crypto Provider for Trusted Platform Module 1.2  
PINEnrollment.dll PIN Enrollment UX  
PNPXAssoc.dll PNPX Association Dll  
PNPXAssocPrx.dll PNPX Association Dll  
POSyncServices.dll Change Tracking  
PSHED.DLL Platform Specific Hardware Error Driver  
PSModuleDiscoveryProvider.dll WMI  
PackageStateRoaming.dll Package State Roaming  
PeerDist.dll BranchCache Client Library  
PeerDistAD.dll BranchCache AD Interface  
PeerDistCacheProvider.dll BranchCache Export CacheMgr Provider  
PeerDistCleaner.dll BranchCache Cache Cleaner  
PeerDistHttpTrans.dll BranchCache HTTP Tansport  
PeerDistSh.dll BranchCache Netshell Helper  
PeerDistSvc.dll BranchCache Service  
PeerDistWSDDiscoProv.dll BranchCache WSD Discovery Provider  
PersonaX.dll PersonaX  
PhoneCallHistoryApis.dll DLL for PhoneCallHistoryRT  
PhoneOm.dll Phone Object Model  
PhonePlatformAbstraction.dll Phone Platform Abstraction  
PhoneService.dll The service used to manage phone calls and other telephony related functionality  
PhoneServiceRes.dll Resource DLL for the Phone Service  
Phoneutil.dll Phone utilities  
PhoneutilRes.dll Resource DLL for Phone utilities  
PhotoMetadataHandler.dll Photo Metadata Handler  
PimIndexMaintenance.dll Service responsible for contacts indexing and other user data related tasks  
PimIndexMaintenanceClient.dll Client dll for Pim Index Maintenance  
Pimstore.dll POOM  
PlaySndSrv.dll PlaySound Service  
PlayToManager.dll Microsoft Windows PlayTo Manager  
PlayToReceiver.dll DLNA DMR DLL  
PlayToStatusProvider.dll PlayTo Status Provider Dll  
Pnrphc.dll PNRP Helper Class  
PortableDeviceApi.dll Windows Portable Device API Components  
PortableDeviceClassExtension.dll Windows Portable Device Class Extension Component  
PortableDeviceConnectApi.dll Portable Device Connection API Components  
PortableDeviceStatus.dll Microsoft Windows Portable Device Status Provider  
PortableDeviceSyncProvider.dll Microsoft Windows Portable Device Provider.  
PortableDeviceTypes.dll Windows Portable Device (Parameter) Types Component  
PortableDeviceWMDRM.dll Windows Portable Device WMDRM Component  
PortableDeviceWiaCompat.dll PortableDevice WIA Compatibility Driver  
PresentationHostProxy.dll Windows Presentation Foundation Host Proxy  
PrintIsolationProxy.dll Print Sandbox COM Proxy Stub  
PrintPlatformConfig.dll Legacy Print Platform Adapter  
PrintWSDAHost.dll PrintWSDAHost  
ProvPluginEng.dll Provisioning plugin engine dll  
ProvisioningHandlers.dll Provisioning Handlers Implementation  
ProximityCommon.dll Proximity Common Implementation  
ProximityCommonPal.dll Proximity Common PAL  
ProximityRtapiPal.dll Proximity WinRT API PAL  
ProximityService.dll Proximity Service Implementation  
ProximityServicePal.dll Proximity Service PAL  
PsmServiceExtHost.dll Resource Manager PSM Service Extension  
p2pnetsh.dll Peer-to-Peer NetSh Helper  
p2psvc.dll Peer-to-Peer Services  
packager.dll Object Packager2  
panmap.dll PANOSE(tm) Font Mapper  
pautoenr.dll Auto Enrollment DLL  
pcacli.dll Program Compatibility Assistant Client Module  
pcadm.dll Program Compatibility Assistant Diagnostic Module  
pcaevts.dll Program Compatibility Assistant Event Resources  
pcasvc.dll Program Compatibility Assistant Service  
pcaui.dll Program Compatibility Assistant User Interface Module  
pcsvDevice.dll PCSV Proxy Provider for devices  
pcwum.dll Performance Counters for Windows Native DLL  
pcwutl.dll Program Compatibility Troubleshooter Helper  
pdh.dll Windows Performance Data Helper DLL  
pdhui.dll PDH UI  
perfctrs.dll Performance Counters  
perfdisk.dll Windows Disk Performance Objects DLL  
perfnet.dll Windows Network Service Performance Objects DLL  
perfos.dll Windows System Performance Objects DLL  
perfproc.dll Windows System Process Performance Objects DLL  
perftrack.dll Microsoft Performance PerfTrack  
perfts.dll Windows Remote Desktop Services Performance Objects  
photowiz.dll Photo Printing Wizard  
pid.dll Microsoft PID  
pidgenx.dll Pid Generation  
pifmgr.dll Windows NT PIF Manager Icon Resources Library  
pku2u.dll Pku2u Security Package  
pla.dll Performance Logs & Alerts  
playlistfolder.dll Playlist Folder  
playtomenu.dll Cast to Device Menu DLL  
ploptin.dll Prelaunch OptIn  
pmcsnap.dll pmcsnap dll  
pngfilt.dll IE PNG plugin image decoder  
pnidui.dll Network System Icon  
pnpclean.dll Plug and Play Maintenance Task Library  
pnppolicy.dll pnppolicy Task  
pnpts.dll PlugPlay Troubleshooter  
pnpui.dll Plug and Play User Interface DLL  
pnrpauto.dll PNRP Auto Service Dll  
pnrpnsp.dll PNRP Name Space Provider  
pnrpsvc.dll PNRP Service Dll  
policymanager.dll Policy Manager DLL  
policymanagerprecheck.dll policymanagerprecheck  
polstore.dll Policy Storage dll  
pots.dll Power Troubleshooter  
powercfg.cpl Power Management Configuration Control Panel Applet  
powercpl.dll Power Options Control Panel  
powrprof.dll Power Profile Helper DLL  
ppcsnap.dll ppcsnap DLL  
prauthproviders.dll prauthproviders  
prflbmsg.dll Perflib Event Messages  
printfilterpipelineprxy.dll Print Filter Pipeline Proxy  
printui.dll Printer Settings User Interface  
prm0009.dll Microsoft English Natural Language Data and Code  
prncache.dll Print UI Cache  
prnfldr.dll prnfldr dll  
prnntfy.dll prnntfy DLL  
prntvpt.dll Print Ticket Services Module  
profapi.dll User Profile Basic API  
profext.dll profext  
profprov.dll User Profile WMI Provider  
profsvc.dll ProfSvc  
profsvcext.dll ProfSvcExt  
propsys.dll Microsoft Property System  
provcore.dll Microsoft Wireless Provisioning Core  
provdatastore.dll Provisioning Engine Datastore Library  
provengine.dll Provisioning Engine Library  
provhandlers.dll Provisioning Engine Handlers Library  
provisioningcsp.dll Provisioning package configuration service provider  
provops.dll Provision Operations Library  
provpackageapidll.dll Provisioning package API DLL for STL encapsulation  
provplatformdesktop.dll Provisioning platform for desktop editions  
provsvc.dll Windows HomeGroup  
provthrd.dll WMI Provider Thread & Log Library  
prvdmofcomp.dll WMI  
psapi.dll Process Status Helper  
psisdecd.dll Microsoft SI/PSI parser for MPEG2 based networks.  
psmsrv.dll Process State Manager (PSM) Service  
pstask.dll pstask Task  
pstorec.dll Deprecated Protected Storage COM interfaces  
puiapi.dll puiapi DLL  
puiobj.dll PrintUI Objects DLL  
pwlauncher.dll Windows To Go Launcher  
pwrshplugin.dll pwrshplugin.dll  
pwsso.dll Windows To Go Shell Service Object