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Windows 10 DLL File Information

Welcome to DLL information site for Windows 10.
This site was built by scanning all DLL files located in system32 directory of Windows 10 and creating (with automatic script) a Web page for each DLL with all found information.

Each DLL information page includes:

Looking in the Web page of specific DLL can help to learn what is this DLL and how it's linked with the other DLL files on Windows 10 operating system.

In order to browse into the right DLL page, select the first letter of the DLL file, and then you'll get a list of all dll files begins with this letter:

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Here's the list of all DLL files begin with 'G':

Filename Description
GameUXLegacyGDFs.dll Legacy GDF resource DLL  
GdiPlus.dll Microsoft GDI+  
GeoLocatorHelper.dll GeoLocatorHelper  
Geocommon.dll Geocommon  
Geolocation.dll Geolocation Runtime DLL  
GlobCollationHost.dll GlobCollationHost  
GnssAdapter.dll Windows Gnss Adapter Implementation  
Groupinghc.dll Grouping Helper Class  
gacinstall.dll Installers for CLR and other managed code  
gameux.dll Games Explorer  
gamingtcui.dll Windows Gaming Internal CallableUI dll  
gcdef.dll Game Controllers Default Sheets  
gdi32.dll GDI Client DLL  
generaltel.dll General Telemetry  
getuname.dll Unicode name Dll for UCE  
glmf32.dll OpenGL Metafiling DLL  
globinputhost.dll Windows Globalization Extension API for Input  
glu32.dll OpenGL Utility Library DLL  
gpapi.dll Group Policy Client API  
gpedit.dll GPEdit  
gpprefcl.dll Group Policy Preference Client  
gpprnext.dll Group Policy Printer Extension  
gpscript.dll Script Client Side Extension  
gpsvc.dll Group Policy Client  
gptext.dll GPTExt