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Windows 10 DLL File Information

Welcome to DLL information site for Windows 10.
This site was built by scanning all DLL files located in system32 directory of Windows 10 and creating (with automatic script) a Web page for each DLL with all found information.

Each DLL information page includes:

Looking in the Web page of specific DLL can help to learn what is this DLL and how it's linked with the other DLL files on Windows 10 operating system.

In order to browse into the right DLL page, select the first letter of the DLL file, and then you'll get a list of all dll files begins with this letter:

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Here's the list of all DLL files begin with 'O':

Filename Description
OmaDmAgent.dll omadmagent  
OnDemandBrokerClient.dll OnDemandBrokerClient  
OnDemandConnRouteHelper.dll On Demand Connctiond Route Helper  
OneBackupHandler.dll Backup & Restore Handlers Implementation  
OneDriveSettingSyncProvider.dll OneDrive Setting Sync  
OobeFldr.dll Getting Started  
OpcServices.dll Native Code OPC Services Library  
OskSupport.dll Microsoft On-Screen Keyboard Support Utilities  
objsel.dll Object Picker Dialog  
occache.dll Object Control Viewer  
ocsetapi.dll Windows Optional Component Setup API  
odbc32.dll ODBC Driver Manager  
odbc32gt.dll ODBC Driver Generic Thunk  
odbcbcp.dll BCP for ODBC  
odbcconf.dll ODBC Driver Configuration Program  
odbccp32.dll ODBC Installer  
odbccr32.dll ODBC Cursor Library  
odbccu32.dll ODBC Cursor Library  
odbcint.dll ODBC Resources  
odbcji32.dll Microsoft ODBC Desktop Driver Pack 3.5  
odbcjt32.dll Microsoft ODBC Desktop Driver Pack 3.5  
odbctrac.dll ODBC Driver Manager Trace  
oddbse32.dll ODBC (3.0) driver for DBase  
odexl32.dll ODBC (3.0) driver for Excel  
odfox32.dll ODBC (3.0) driver for FoxPro  
odpdx32.dll ODBC (3.0) driver for Paradox  
odtext32.dll ODBC (3.0) driver for text files  
oemlicense.dll Client Licensing Platform Client Provisioning  
offfilt.dll OFFICE Filter  
offlinelsa.dll Windows  
offlinesam.dll Windows  
offreg.dll Offline registry DLL  
ogldrv.dll MSOGL  
ole32.dll Microsoft OLE for Windows  
oleacc.dll Active Accessibility Core Component  
oleacchooks.dll Active Accessibility Event Hooks Library  
oleaccrc.dll Active Accessibility Resource DLL  
olecli32.dll Object Linking and Embedding Client Library  
oledlg.dll OLE User Interface Support  
oleprn.dll Oleprn DLL  
olesvr32.dll Object Linking and Embedding Server Library  
olethk32.dll Microsoft OLE for Windows  
omadmapi.dll omadmapi  
onex.dll IEEE 802.1X supplicant library  
onexui.dll IEEE 802.1X supplicant UI library  
opengl32.dll OpenGL Client DLL  
osbaseln.dll Service Reporting API  
osuninst.dll Uninstall Interface