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Windows 10 DLL File Information - iesetup.dll

The following DLL report was generated by automatic DLL script that scanned and loaded all DLL files in the system32 directory of Windows 10, extracted the information from them, and then saved it into HTML reports. If you want to view a report of another DLL, go to the main page of this Web site.


General Information

File Description: IOD Version Map  
File Version: 11.0.10130.0 (fbl_impressive.150522-2224)  
Company: Microsoft Corporation  
Product Name: Internet Explorer  
DLL popularity Very Low - There is no any other DLL in system32 directory that is statically linked to this file.
File Size: 60 KB
Total Number of Exported Functions: 7
Total Number of Exported Functions With Names: 7

Section Headers

Name Virtual Address Raw Data Size % of File Characteristics Section Contains...
.text 0x00001000 14,336 Bytes 23.3% Read, Execute Code
.data 0x00005000 512 Bytes 0.8% Write, Read Initialized Data
.idata 0x00006000 2,048 Bytes 3.3% Read Initialized Data
.rsrc 0x00007000 42,496 Bytes 69.2% Read Initialized Data
.reloc 0x00012000 1,024 Bytes 1.7% Read, Discardable Initialized Data

Static Linking

iesetup.dll is statically linked to the following files:


This means that when iesetup.dll is loaded, the above files are automatically loaded too. If one of these files is corrupted or missing, iesetup.dll won't be loaded.


General Resources Information

Resource Type Number of Items Total Size % of File
Icons 5 37,934 Bytes 61.7%
Animated Icons 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Cursors 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Animated Cursors 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Bitmaps 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
AVI Files 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Dialog-Boxes 2 1,880 Bytes 3.1%
HTML Related Files 6 43,417 Bytes 70.7%
Menus 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Strings 3 376 Bytes 0.6%
Type Libraries 0 0 Bytes 0.0%
Manifest 1 1,204 Bytes 2.0%
All Others 3 23,307 Bytes 37.9%
Total 20 108,118 Bytes 176.0%

Icons in this file

There are 5 icons stored in this DLL file. You can view all these icons in the following small thumbnail:

Cursors in this file

No cursors found in this file


Dialog-boxes list (up to 1000 dialogs)

In the following section, you can find the captions of dialog-boxes stored in this DLL. The list is currently limited to 1000 dialogs.
ID Dialog Caption
2001 Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration
4001 Internet Explorer Hardened

String resources in this dll (up to 1000 strings)

String ID String Text
13 Please log in as an Administrator to repair Internet Explorer.
3010 Applying Enhanced Security Configuration
38785 Enhanced Security Configuration is ON.

COM Classes/Interfaces

There is no type library in this file with COM classes/interfaces information


Exported Functions List

The following functions are exported by this dll:
IEApplyCurrentHardening IEHardenAdmin IEHardenAdminNow IEHardenLMSettings
IEHardenMachineNow IEHardenUser IEShowHardeningDialog


Imported Functions List

The following functions are imported by this dll: